Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System

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When used in the manner intended, your Bore Squeeg-E™ kit will provide many years of efficient and effective cleaning of your firearms. It will allow you to quickly clean the bore and action of your firearms without the use of caustic chemicals or wasteful and ineffective patches. This system restores, and in some cases improves the accuracy of your firearms without introducing corrosive compounds to your firearms. The Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System is unlike any other cleaning system available. Traditional methods of cleaning a firearm don’t always apply when using the Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System. As such, careful review and understanding of the following instructions are essential to ensure proper cleaning of your firearms and avoid any unintentional damage to your Bore Squeeg-E™ components.

Complete Kit - $49.95

Manufactured in the USA

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