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What Makes Rogers Shooting School Great

Statistics and common sense show us that most real life confrontations with handguns occur at close distances and are over very quickly. The time available to successfully hit the adversary is determined by the actions of the adversary, not by how much time the shooter feels he or she needs to execute the shot.

Most conventional firearms instruction with handguns has focused on what we call "Precision Shooting". In Precision Shooting, the target, the shooter, and the weapon are stabilized before the shooting cycle even begins. The shooting cycle incorporates a very controlled press motion of the trigger while the sights of the weapon remain aligned. Shooters trained in this method historically have not faired well in actual gun battles.

To train for success under real life time conditions, Bill Rogers developed a training program and a high speed moving target system. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. Using this system, the Rogers Shooting School specializes in teaching students to successfully engage and hit small reactive targets that are moving and only exposed for a fraction of a second. We call this type of shooting skill, Reactive Shooting. Unlike conventional target and training systems, the shooter must react to the target's exposure, and successfully shoot it down in the time the target is available. Like in a real life battle, sometimes the targets require multiple hits before going down. This training reinforces the critical skill of "following through". We have refined the target system and training program for the last 25 years and have proven year after year that no other facility can compete with us for this type of training. That is why special military and police units are sent to the Rogers Shooting School from all over the world!

Even though many private and government agencies have purchased or copied our target system and instructional philosophy, they still cannot compete with our experience. If you only have a couple of minutes to study our web, click on the Information page for an overview of our operation and the Testimonial page to see what our former students say about us.

We instruct groups such as Military units or police SWAT units and we also offer a limited number of classes for individuals who can legally possess a firearm. Check our Dates/Signup for available classes. Please follow this link for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our shooting school is located in Ellijay, Georgia but our administrative office is at 8315, Kindred Spirit Lane, Saint Augustine, FL 32092. Please see our other pages for additional information. We do not offer brochures nor do we offer detailed information until we receive a confirmed registration and deposit. Please follow this link to register: Dates/Signup. If you need personal attention in a matter concerning the school, please phone us at 904-613-1196 or E-Mail by clicking here: (e-mail us). Thank you for your interest.

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