Costs and Requirements

Important, Please read. The Rogers School supplies ammo and gear for the Basic Classes.  There has been a severe shortage of ammo in the last few months but we have been able to secure enough ammo for all of our listed Basic Pistol class for 2021

For students registering for any other class at the Rogers School please confirm that you have sufficient ammunition to complete the course before registering. You can check the ammo requirements for each class listed.  Because of the present ammo supply crisis we will allow any type of bullet configuration with the exception of hollow point bullets.

 Because of the ammo shortage, we have had several students cancel their registration for our Advanced classes.  If the scheduled class does not have at least 8 students 60 days prior to the start of the class, it will be necessary for us the cancel the class and refund the payment.


We offer classes for individuals as well as groups. A group can be a SWAT unit, special military unit, or any group of people with similar skill levels. Our Open classes are available, on an individual basis, to anyone who can legally possess a firearm. We offer a Basic class and intermediate - Advanced classes. If your current skill level allows you to safely draw a handgun from either a concealed carry or a duty type holster and reliably hit a man sized target at a distance of 10 yards in under 2 seconds, you qualify for our intermediate - Advanced course. Those who do not possess that skill level should take the Basic class. More information about our “Group” and “Individual” classes are as follows


The minimum tuition cost for our normal 5 days of handgun instruction is $14,400 and includes up to 12 students. From 12 students to 18, add $1,200 for each student. An optional shotgun or carbine program taught concurrently with the handgun program is available for an additional tuition cost of $200 and $300, respectively. A 3 day stand alone Carbine course, (Urban Rifle) encompasses short and long range reactive shooting is also available at a cost of $9000 for up to 10 students. Two additional students, for a total of 12, can be accommodated at an additional cost of $900 each.

If your group requires rental firearms, an additional charge of $50 plus applicable sales tax per student for handguns and $100 plus sales tax for shoulder weapons will apply. We do not require any of our students to lodge with us and we can recommend nearby motels upon request. However, our schedule is such that students are not allowed to leave the range for lunch and homework is operated around a tight dinner schedule. For these reasons it is recommended that students opt for the lunch and dinner program of $100 plus sales tax for the week. Ammunition costs are additional to the lodging, food and tuition. The group is responsible for supplying their own ammo or the school will supply it at a competitive price upon request. It is necessary that most in the group have the same skill level in view of the fact that we design each “group” instruction to work at the pace of the least skilled student.

Group cost summary

Handgun tuition, 5 days: ——- $14,400 (includes up to 12 students) $1,200 extra for each additional student up to 18.

Optional combat Shotgun course concurrent with Handgun: ——-$200 (each student)

Optional short range Carbine course concurrent with Handgun: ——-$300 (each student)

3 day stand alone Urban Rifle course: ——-$9000 (includes up to 10 students) $900 extra for additional students (2 additional, for a total possible of 12.

Ammunition: Furnished by group or quoted upon request. Handgun Ammo requirements — All but Military units must use a copper plated bullet such as CCI Blazer or Georgia Arms, or use a frangible bullet.

Handgun rental: $50 plus sales tax

Shoulder Weapon rental: $100 plus sales tax

To set up a group school, it is necessary to contact us by phone or E-mail and pick a date. You will communicate with our staff on what kind of class you would like. We normally recommend a class with the emphasis on handgun followed by instruction in a shoulder weapon. However we will custom design a class for your specific needs. We will provide a simple contract that requires no deposit until 60 days before the class. At that time we require a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the tuition cost. Government agencies are not required to put down a deposit unless ammunition is to be furnished.

Please read about lodging, food and ammunition cost later on this same page for further information.


We have combined our Advanced and Intermediate Classes into one class. For students who attend one of our scheduled Intermediate or Advanced Classes the tuition cost for Handgun instruction is $1,200.

For a number of reasons we have found it necessary to change our sign up policy for individuals. We now require full payment upon registration.  Registration is done on line with a credit card.

An optional shoulder weapon course is taught concurrent with the handgun program. The combat shotgun course cost is $200. Programs for 9mm carbine are $300 .See Rifle Class and Dates/Signup for information and availability and to sign up for a class. Ammunition for the Intermediate and Advanced Classes is not included in the tuition cost. Students will require approximately 2500 rounds of handgun ammo, 400 rounds of ammo for the optional shotgun program, 800 rounds of 9mm for the carbine program, and 800 rounds for the 5.56 program. Upon request we will supply ammunition at market price. Special Note: As of January, 2012, all students other than Military Units must use a copper or polymer plated bullet or a frangible bullet for handgun cartridges. The copper jacket on standard ball ammunition poses a serious risk of separating from the lead core and deflecting back on the shooter. Copper plated bullets and those coated with other than metal, do not have a copper jacket that can separate from the core and cause serious cut injuries. CCI Blazer in all calibers is an acceptable plated lead core bullet. Georgia Arms, Villa Rica, Georgia, offers a line of plated lead core bullets as well. Georgia Arms product number for their plated bullet is as follows: 9MM 115 plated metal jacket; G9mm A. 40S&W 165 plated metal jacket; G40H. 45 ACP 185 plated metal jacket; 45AL. The Rogers Shooting School now carries an inventory of suitable plated bullet ammunition in 9 MM, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP at competitive prices.

Advanced or Intermediate Handgun Class cost:

Tuition —————————————————————————————-$1,200

Optional shotgun program taught concurrently —————-$200

Optional carbine/rifle program taught concurrently ———-$300

Ammunition———-Student supplies approved ammunition or makes arrangements well in advance of the scheduled class to purchase from school.

Basic Handgun Class

Over the years, our Basic Handgun class has been instrumental in developing the interest of hundreds of beginners in shooting; more information can be found on our Classes page. It has also given shooters that are experienced with a handgun but have never worked out of a holster, the necessary skills to take our Intermediate- Advanced class. For this reason we have always discounted our Basic Class. The Basic Handgun program does not offer an optional shoulder weapon course. We welcome anyone who can legally possess a firearm, including children over 14 years old, as long as their parents are present. For the Basic Class the School will supply handguns, (both revolvers and semi-autos), holster gear, and ammunition. We do not charge a rental fee on the use of 4 different handguns. We charge a flat fee of $500 plus sales tax to include all ammunition. The maximum size for our Basic Class is 12 students. The total cost of the class is $1700.

Basic Handgun cost:

Tuition, ——————————————————————————————————$1200

Use of school handguns, ammunition,—————————$500 plus sales tax

List of optional services and costs:

We presently are able to sell the listed ammunition at the following prices. The prices are per 1000 rounds and students are charged in increments of 100 rounds. The approximate number of rounds required for the Intermediate-Advanced Handgun Class course is 2500, plus or minus 10%. Please confirm with us at least 30 days in advance if you want us to supply you with ammunition. An additional deposit will be required to cover the cost of the ammo.

Ammunition costs for the class: Presently we only can supply 9MM ammo in very limited quanities. Ammunition costs subject to change without notice. Students must confirm price of ammunition at registration time.

Use of School firearm: Handgun rental is $50 plus sales tax per student for a class. Shoulder weapons rent for $100 plus sales tax per student for the class. (Many students choose to use a school shotgun or rifle rather than trying to travel with their own.)

Optional shotgun program taught with standard Advanced or Intermediate class: $200.

Optional carbine program taught with standard Advanced or Intermediate class: $300.