To shooters wanting to be the BEST

My name is Francis B. Fay III. I spent 20 years as an operator/ instructor in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams and now I am actively involved in law enforcement in Alaska. While in the SEAL Teams, I was in charge of the training for SEAL platoons in pistol, shotgun, and submachine gun proficiency. I had personally attended a majority of all the top caliber shooting schools across United States. I had the resources to train the SEAL Platoons anywhere in the world and I chose Bill Rogers school. Bill Rogers school was outstanding, everything from lodging and meals to safety on the range. Bill Rogers teaching methods, progressive shooting drills, and his target systems made his school the BEST. Every person that attended Bill Rogers school improved drastically, good shooter became experts, expert shooters improved to levels not thought attainable.

If for your job requires you to be fast and accurate to survive go see Bill, he will make you the BEST!

Sincerely; Francis B. Fay III

As a Troop Sergeant Major and member of Delta Force, I had the opportunity to attend numerous shooting schools throughout the United States, working on accuracy, speed, and target discrimination. No other school has come close to improving those skills for me than the Rogers Shooting School."

Mike Beltran, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired. Presently Regional Manger, Armor Holdings

In the 11 years that I was an active duty SEAL operator I attended numerous shooting courses. My shooting ability, particularly with a handgun, grew in quantum leaps after attending Bill Rogers' Shooting School. SEAL operators very often transition to their pistols in the tight confines of a ship. Bill's realistic, full speed, and fast-paced training gave me an enormous amount of confidence on later operations. The course is thoughtful and intense. It is a particular mark of distinction in the Teams to shoot well enough to qualify "Advanced" at Rogers' Shooting School. Bill's methods have become SOP back at the Team. The stress levels induced at this course are just about as close as you can get to the real thing. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to reach a much higher level of combat shooting skill than you can find on the "paper ranges". If you want to go where the best SOF forces in the U.S. go to receive the best contract shooting instruction available, then go to Bill's. And good luck!"

Former GM1(SEAL) Dave Hall

SEAL Team TWO and SEAL Team EIGHT Veteran, Three time Rogers' Advanced Graduate,13 years active duty USN, presently employed by Vanguard Boats

"The Rogers Shooting School is the most realistic simulation of the speed in which actual shootings happen I have ever seen. Anyone who examines real officer involved shootings will see that getting well placed hits on the threat first is what saves you. I can't tell you how thankful I, my fellow Tactical Team officers, and especially my family, were that I had already been to the school when my on duty shooting took place. I am now a police trainer and spend most of my time coaching beginners or problem students. I do not get a chance to improve my own skills. I schedule only one must have school a year and its at the Rogers Shooting School."

Officer James Fairfield, Training Officer, Tactical Team Member, Tallahassee Police Department, Tallahassee, Florida

"More and more shooting schools are opening up these days. Each trying to outdo the other by using elaborate facilities and new ways to entertain the students. However, one standard remains the same after more than 25 years; if you are serious about learning how to shoot, go to Bill Roger's Shooting School! Bill Rogers and his staff have for over two decades taught real-life shooting skills to professionals who depend on these skills for their own survival. Go somewhere else if you want instructors who try to entertain you. This school is for everyone who wants to learn how to shoot!"

Arnt M. Myhre,  IPSC European and National Champion, Dillon Precision Products Inc., Armor Holdings Inc.

"My experience with Rogers Shooting School has provided me with the most practical and useful firearms training to date. The school's format of practical drills, immediate feedback reactive targets and constant coaching gave me a marked improvement in my shooting skills, and more importantly, my likelihood of surviving a gun fight. I have been tempted to try other schools but upon closer examination, I feel I get more realistic shooting experience and exercises at Rogers' School and have returned three times."

Ken Johnson, Fulton County Sheriff Reserve, Director Software Projects Altra Energy Technologies, Marietta, GA

"There are many people who have shaped my understanding of police defensive tactics, firearms and police survival training. However, none have had the impact that you have had in shaping my thoughts in the area of police combat science. Concepts I learned at the Rogers Shooting Course taught at your facility in Ellijay were way beyond the simple firearm skills I expected to obtain. In fact, your instruction has been the cornerstone to my new approach in teaching police combat and survival skills. Whether it be a defensive tactics course, impact weapon course or firearms course, the solid principles of reaction time and response under stress that you teach consistently hold true. I travel the world now, teaching other professionals in the field and I am always amazed at how often I find myself repeating something that I heard you say. For your dedication and genius in discovering the truth about stress, survival and winning deadly force encounters, my hat is forever off to you.

Roy Bedard, President RRB Systems, International, Inc, RRB Systems, Europe, Gmbh, Rapid Rotation Baton, Inc

"On August 30th 1999, I shot four IPSC Classifiers and my top percentage was 35.598. The week of October 4th through the 7th 1999, I attended the Rogers Shooting School Intermediate / Advanced Class. On the last day of class, Friday October 7th 1999, I passed Intermediate (by the skin of my teeth). The next two days were the Florida State IPSC championships. I shot my duty gun out of my off duty holster and Won High Lady Limited. My match percentage was 59.303 Percent ! The highest percentage I have ever shot. I have to give credit where credit is due. The Rogers Shooting School showed me I have what it takes to be a winner.

PS. I have Borrowed several of the drills and techniques you teach and am using it in teaching my police officers. They are showing amazing improvement. What a great school! I will be back."

Sgt. B.L. Sumrall, Atlantic Beach Police Department, Training Division, USPSA # FY952, SpankyFL@Bellsouth.net

"I have spent my career in Law Enforcement, and have been a full time Firearms Trainer for the past 12 years. I have attended many commercial firearms schools, and I can tell you that the Rogers school is truly the best. Professionalism all the way, with competent instructors who can "walk the walk"..., and no ego's. I highly recommend this unique training opportunity."

Ernie Tobin, Firearms Coordinator, Georgia Police Academy

"From the very first round you fire to the last round, your physical skills and mental attitudes are tested. You learn to shoot with accuracy, under stress at real life speed. You will leave having improved your shooting skills, having changed your attitudes and with the personal drive to always make yourself better".

Henry Humphrey
United Nations, Advisor
International Police Task Force
Sarajevo Special Support Unit
Bosnia and Herzegovina

San Antonio Police Department
Special Weapons and Tactics
San Antonio, TX

"I've been fortunate to have had the chance to attend many of the "shooting" schools around the country. I also know that without a doubt, Rogers Shooting School is by far the best of them all. You can't get better at any price. The thing that's most impressive is that Bill Rogers can do the drills and does more than just talk. What's most important is that the drills force you to perform at real world time limits. I've graduated from your advanced level school and plan a return trip, just to get "tuned up".

Charlie Cochran
Georgia Police Academy
Firearms Training Unit