We presently have a limited supply of 9MM ammunition for students that are registered in one of our classes.  The price is $350 per 1000 rounds. Please contact us ahead of the scheduled class to confirm availability


  •  When will next year’s schedule be available? The following year's class schedule will be posted on December 15 of the present year


  •  Where is the Shooting School located? The school is in Ellijay, Georgia. The range is in a remote location without a physical address. All students will meet the night of the class start date at 7:00 PM for a required briefing in the conference room of the Comfort Inn, 234 Highland Pkwy, Ellijay, Georgia. Click here for directions.We do not receive mail or any communications at that address. For a shipping address see #4 below


  •  Where can I stay in Ellijay during the class? We no longer use our Lodge as a meeting place or housing for the students. We can recommend the following commercial motels but there are more hotels, rental cabins and B&Bs available in the area:
    • Comfort Inn & Suites East Ellijay, 234 Highland Parkway, Ellijay, 30540
    • Best Western Mountain View Inn, 79 Maddox Circle, 30539, Ellijay
    • Stratford Inn, 79 Maddox Circle, 30539, Ellijay
    • Budget Inn, 34 Jeff Drive, 30540, Ellijay 


  • Which class should I take, Basic/ Intermediate (BI) or Intermediate/Advanced? Our Basic / Intermediate Class is designed to accommodate shooters who have never shot before as well as shooters who have not been trained in the skills of drawing quickly from a holster, reloading quickly, and engaging multiple targets. Our B/I course, although designed to train novice shooters, graduates shooters with skills much more advanced than our competitors’ “advanced” courses. With the exception of IDPA or USPSA-IPSC, other shooting sports will not prepare someone for our Intermediate/ Advanced Class. If you are a typical shooter who belongs to a gun club and has been through various NRA programs, you should take our B/I Handgun Class. The Intermediate/Advanced Class is reserved for more experienced shooters. For the I/A Class, you should be already capable of safely drawing with hands at chest level as a start position and placing a hit on an upper torso target at 10 yards in less than 2 seconds. You should also be able to reload from shot to shot in less than 4 seconds.


  • If I need to ship ammunition or other supplies to the school, what is the shipping address? The shipping address is Rogers Shooting School, Suite 112-113, 96 Craig Street, Ellijay, Georgia, 30540.


  • Is there a specific type of ammunition that I must use at the school? As of January 2012, all students other than military units must use a copper plated or polymer coated lead bullet. Any type of frangible bullet is also acceptable. The copper jacket on standard ball ammunition poses a serious risk of separating from the lead core and deflecting back on the shooter. Copper plated bullets and lead bullets coated with a polymer do not have a copper jacket that can separate. CCI Blazer in all calibers is an acceptable plated lead core bullet. Federal Syntech ammo is also an excellent choice. Georgia Arms, Villa Rica, Georgia, offers a line of plated lead core bullets as well. Georgia Arms product number for their plated bullet is as follows: 9MM 115 plated metal jacket; G9MMP. 40S&W 165 plated metal jacket; G40P. 45 ACP 185 plated metal jacket; 45AL. Federal also has line of pistol bullets that are lead with a polymer coating that is also allowed. It is the American Eagle Syntech brand. The Rogers Shooting School now carries an inventory of plated and frangible ammunition in 9 MM, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP at competitive prices. However, students should reserve ammunition at registration to ensure that they have access to school ammunition at the time of the class.


  • How much ammunition is required for the Advanced handgun class? 2500 rounds plus or minus 10%.


  • Is one pistol caliber better than another for training at the Rogers School? Yes, because of the high number of rounds fired each day, around 500, we have found that the 9 MM causes less physical stress than other center fire cartridges. If you are physically conditioned to shooting 500 rounds a day from your favorite pistol and cartridge then it will not matter. Otherwise, we would recommend staying with a 9MM to train with at our school.


  • How should I prepare myself for an upcoming class that I am registered for? Read, “Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best”. A copy of the book will be sent to you upon registration. Practice the drills spelled out from pages 54 to 103. Pay particular attention to pages 76 and 102. A video is also available for sale and can be found on this web site. Do not arrive at the school and expect to do well if you cannot clearly see the front sight of your handgun instantly while pointing at a spot with both eyes open. Bifocal or progressive lenses will not work. Please consider mono-vision lenses that allow the dominate eye to focus clearly on the front sight.


  • How do I register for a class? Click on the button: “Dates/signup”. Place the cursor over the name of the course you are interested in and left click your mouse. Fill out the questionnaire regarding services and follow the registration process with a credit card. You will be required to pay the full amount of the estimated cost of the class. If for some reason you cannot register in this manner, call 904-613-1196.


  •  What is the school’s cancellation policy?
    • Greater than 60 days - Full refund
    • Between 30 and 60 days - 50% refund. If we are able to fill your position, we will refund all of your fee.
    • Less than 30 days - No refund unless we are able to fill your position.
All refunds subject to a $20.00 processing fee


  • What is the closest commercial airport to the shooting school? Atlanta, Hartsfield, is the closest large airport. It is about 80 miles from Ellijay.


  • What should I bring to the school? For the Basic/Intermediate Class we furnish all the shooting gear except eye protection.  If you require prescription glasses as mentioned above in #8, ensure that the lenses are shatter proof and protect the corner of the eyes from the side. We supply electronic noise canceling ear protection, but you are invited to bring your own electronic ear headsets. Bring comfortable shoes, a 1" to 1.5” wide belt that is not thick or rigid, and rain gear. In the fall and early spring bring layered clothing. For the Advanced Class you will need to supply all your shooting gear as well as the recommended items above.


  • Who can attend a class? Any person who can legally possess a firearm in their state or country. Minors above age 14 may attend if they have a parent or legal guardian present at the school. Our Basic/Intermediate Class is for novice shooters or those who have not been specifically trained to operate quickly and safely from a holster. Our Advanced Class is for highly trained individuals who are skilled at safely drawing and firing accurate shots in less than 2 seconds.


  • Can I rent firearms for the Advanced classes or the stand-alone rifle class? Yes, we have very good selection of modern handgun and shoulder weapons with related magazines and holster gear. The handguns with supporting gear rents for $50.00 plus sales tax a week while the shoulder weapons go for $100.00 plus sales tax. Please request a rental firearm at initial registration.


  • What time of day do the classes start and end? The handgun classes start with a mandatory lecture and safety briefing on Sunday night at 7:00 PM at the Comfort Inn in Ellijay. The instruction at our shooting range runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day for just the handgun portion and to 6:00 PM if the optional shoulder weapon is selected. Night shoot is on Thursday and the class ends by 12:00 noon on Friday.