Shoulder Weapon Instruction

We have long offered sub-gun, rifle, carbine, and shotgun instruction to military Special Forces units. Our shoulder weapon program has been cited by the military as the overall best instruction offered in the world. Two shoulder weapon courses are now available to Open Classes and are taught concurrently with our handgun courses, after the finish of the day's handgun program. Each Intermediate and Advanced class offers either the Combat Shotgun course or Rifle/Carbine course as an option. With the Rifle/Carbine class, students will train with our 9 MM M-4 carbines on our close distance reactive range. Like our handgun program, each student is tested and rated. Due to facility constraints, only 12 positions for shoulder weapons instruction are available each class.

Combat Shotgun

Reactive Combat Shotgun training is not available anywhere else in the world. The skills taught ensure that the student is highly prepared for combat with a shotgun. Students will encounter multiple, rapidly moving, reactive steel targets with very short exposure times. The drills are designed to force the student to engage targets and reload under stressful and limited time conditions as well as using effective cover while doing so. Approximately 400 rounds of 12 gauge birdshot is used to train the students and approximately 75 rounds of 00 Buck are used during the qualification phase of the program; low or reduced recoil ammunition is acceptable and encouraged. Students should bring a reliable 12 gauge shotgun that will hold at least 5 rounds fully loaded. Pump shotguns are preferable, but reliable durable autoloaders can be used. School shotguns are available at the rental price of $100. The tuition cost for the optional shotgun instruction is $200. This does not include ammunition.

Urban Rifle/Carbine

The Urban Rifle/Carbine course was developed for the military and is based exclusively around the AR-15, M-16, and M-4 platform. Even military Special Forces with advanced rifle skills have found the drills and tests to be extremely challenging. The program has two components, a short range CQB phase and an intermediate range (120 yard) phase. This Urban rifle course is a three day shooting program and is usually only offered once a year. The class is limited to 12 students. Half of the instruction is directed on our short distance range using our own M-4 rifles designed to operate with 9 MM pistol ammo. The remaining instruction is conducted on our intermediate range at distances of 75 to 120 yards. For this phase, the students use their own 5.56mm rifles or may rent our rifles. This range uses 10" x 14" steel reactive pneumatically operated, computer controlled and scored targets that are exposed from 1 to 3 seconds. The class usually starts on a Wednesday night with a lecture and finishes on Saturday around 2:00 PM. Students will provide their own 5.56 AR -15 /M-4 rifles, magazines, ammunition, and related gear to be used on the long range. Weapons need to be zeroed for 120 yards. Rental 5.56 M-4 type rifles can be rented on site and ammo can be purchased. Students are allowed to use their own pistol cartridge carbine or the school will provide the rifles and all related gear with the exception of ammo for the short range. Only commercially loaded 9 MM frangible, plated or polymer coated bullets can be used in our rifles. Ammunition can be purchased at the range. Both phases have qualifying tests that ensure that the student meets our standards. The program requires approximately 800 9mm rounds and 800 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition. Students are tested and Rated as in all of our other programs. The tuition cost for the stand alone three day course is $900 not including ammunition.

Urban Carbine (taught concurrently with handgun)

When our Carbine program is offered with a handgun class as an optional program, only the CQB phase is in place. The CQB phase requires the shooter to engage multiple small moving targets at distances from 7 to 20 yards which are exposed for less than a second each and must be hit to score. For this phase, the school supplies 9 MM M-4 carbines equipped with the latest optical sights co-witnessed with iron sights. The cost for the optional program is $300. If the student supplies their own 9MM carbines and all gear, the cost is $200.